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Welcome to our blog page, where we chronicle the latest travels and upgrades of our beloved Land Rover Defender, Simba. Join us on exhilarating adventures as we explore diverse landscapes and share insightful tips for off-road enthusiasts. Stay tuned for exciting updates on Simba’s modifications and enhancements, as we continuously strive to elevate its performance and capabilities. Whether it’s conquering rugged terrain or embarking on epic road trips, our blog is your go-to destination for all things related to our adventurous journeys and the remarkable evolution of our iconic Defender.

Part 2

Ukraine was fun – kilometers of bumpy holed roads where sometimes it was easier to drive on the side of the road than on it.

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Blog Part 1

Part 1

It all started from a student years dream. Having done my uni degree in the UK I have seen many Defenders on and off the

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A trip to Georgia Simba Land Rover Defender

A trip to Georgia

A trip to Georgia. Discover a thrilling journey from Poland to Georgia with Simba, our trusty Land Rover Defender. Read more about this amazing experience

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